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    High durability standards with the most competitive price

  • Ecology

    A one stop service for greener ways to save energy

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    The best available technology for the energy saving applications

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    We believe in the future green approach of the Southern hemisphere economies

Greener solutions for a greener planet

Enercube specializes in the creation of innovative off-the-grid modular solutions which are tailor-made for our clients (large residential buildings, factories, shopping centers, municipalities, etc.). Our solutions are specially designed to use renewable energies available on-site, using “green” and environmentally friendly technologies, mostly of Italian and European origin. Although we strive to achieve full grid independence for our clients, when needed, grid integration is guaranteed. To optimize performance and cost efficiency we try to keep our systems modular, simple and replicable.

About us

A new approach to energy saving by focusing on the financial benefit and a greener environment for all.

Our Services

Enercube will be regarded as a solution for greenways to energy savings.

Our Works

Enercube convert traditional establishments into green minded companies for the future.

Our Products

Enercube will strive to select the best International Technologies that can reduce energy consumption.