Enercube is a company with a new approach to energy saving by focusing on financial benefits and a greener environment for all. From an established background in renewable energy, Enercube will strive to select the best International Technologies (mostly Italian and European) that can dramatically reduce energy consumption for different target markets such as large residential buildings, factories, shopping centres, lighting management applications, municipalities, etc. Our focus will be on joining high durability and exceptional quality standards to offer the most competitive price related to the quality of energy saving solutions. Only once maximum financial viability has been achieved will the recommendation of the greenest and most applicable renewable energy sources be proposed. That allows for the saving in energy expenditure and investment reductions to achieve maximum benefits from green energy solutions and for this reason Enercube is regarded as a solution for greener ways to energy savings.

While carbon footprint reductions and CO2 emissions are the main goals of Enercube, the first set of target markets include the corporate, private and public sectors. The Enercube business model consists of a “one stop shop” for providing energy saving and renewable Energy Solutions. This is done by analysing organisations and recommending the best energy saving solution with the greenest result for the most viable financial return. This approach will allow Enercube to convert traditional establishments into green minded companies for the future. Enercube is instrumental in changing organisations in order to align for a greener future in the Southern Hemisphere economies.