Enercube provides a service for greener ways to save energy with a focus on reducing our overall carbon footprint by providing financially viable Energy and Renewable Energy Solutions. In the current market there are service providers selling energy efficient products but they do not provide a comprehensive service by focusing on the customer’s needs. We provide the latest available technology applicable to reducing energy consumption with financial bennefits.

What makes Enercube distinctively different from the competition is that many of our energy saving technologies and products have a significant future lifespan and therefore we are seen as a partner for future energy developments and not just a short term vendor providing a specific product. We distinguish ourselves clearly as a quality product and service provider with the best available technology for energy savings and green applications focusing on partnerships built on good relationships and trust for sustainable future business.

There are some direct and indirect competitors in the current market providing products mostly from China at a competitive cost but with a significant quality, product performance and lifespan disadvantages.
Enercube holds the rights to many of the products distributed on the Southern African market and therefore do not have any direct competition with these specific products for which we can argue is the best available technology for the energy saving applications.