Enercube will focus on the South African markets with plans to expand into the Sub Saharan African market. In 2014 Enercube will launch “ENERCUBE Technologies” in Spain for the development of new technologies to be integrated in the green technologies of Enercube.

South Africa currently does not have enough power to supply the local market demand and plans are in place to expand the Power Supply by building new Coal Powered Power stations for the future. The cost of energy has also increased substantially over the last few years in the country and this has resulted in a significant increase in energy expenditure.
The key drivers within the current market result from the lack of energy availability and the escalating costs thereof. Energy shortages will continue for the next 3 to 4 years and the cost of energy will continue to rise substantially.
The key target markets for our products and services will initially range from large corporate and industrial energy consumers, across various industries with a focus on the best value for money applications and quick return on investment solutions. Assisting our business initiative is the South African focus on green energy and sustainable renewable energy solutions for the future.
Enercube brings the latest available technology to the local market enabling organisations to save money and simultaneously do the right thing to ensure a greener future for all.