Biofuel from secondary biomass

Through a technology partnership with an Italian engineering company, the idea was born to create a new generation of biofuel production plants from secondary biomass, as compost, pruning residuals, chipped wood, etc.
Unlike biodiesel (made from primary biomass such as rapeseed, soy, corn, etc.), our biofuel has chemical characteristics similar to normal hydrocarbon fuels.
We have also developed a system which integrates with solar technologies (photovoltaic and concentrating solar power), making it even more efficient and ‘green’.

Potential uses of the biofuel:

  • Company use for transport;
  • Electricity production with electro-generators;
  • Sale to third parties (with dispatching priority in EU).

Main upsides:

  • Use of secondary biomass or waste materials;
  • Easy integration with renewable solar energy;
  • Energetically independent;
  • Identical chemical characteristics of the standard hydrocarbon but with a lower sulphur content;
  • Low emissions and residuals;
  • Minimum space required;
  • Simple and cost-effective construction and management;
  • Technical life over 20 years;
  • Performance Bond issued by the technology partner.