Energy saving

Enercube strives to maximize efficiency of energy usage through the utilization of different technologies and products such as LED lighting, power flow reducers, power factor correction, etc. A future goal is the design of a smart multi-function street light (powered by renewable energy) for telecommunications, surveillance and monitoring (environmental and weather conditions).


Whilst carbon footprint reduction and achieving the lowest CO2 emissions are the main goals of Enercube, the focus falls first on lighting systems, where it is possible to achieve quick and very efficient results.
Where applicable, LED systems are the most advanced answer to energy saving (usually saving between 55% and 85% more than traditional lighting systems).
Aside from the drastic energy saving, a huge advantage of LED technology is the reduction in maintenance costs to almost zero due to the extended lifespan of these products – more than 60’000 hours (compared to 6 to 8’000 hours for the most advanced neon).
Once the most efficient lighting system has been installed, it can be powered by a PV plant, creating a “zero” or even a positive energy output for the client.

Indoor & Outdoor Applications:

  • Large distribution chains
  • Major shops and retail outlets
  • Large facility management companies
  • Large factories with permanent illumination
  • Municipalities (streets, squares, …)
  • Large residential areas needing extended hours of illumination
  • Parking Areas & Petrol Stations