Concentrating solar power

Enercube and its partners are constantly developing innovative solutions concerning concentrating solar power (a consolidated technology) for the generation of thermal energy, for an efficient use of solar energy in relation to the land area used.
This ensures lower cost of construction, quick assembly and modular production capacity, allowing at the same time generation of thermal energy at low and medium temperature, up to 400 °C.

Concentrating collectors have the following main advantages respect to conventional flat plate ones:

  • Higher working temperatures;
  • Higher thermal efficiency;
  • Lower materials demand and simpler reflecting surface;
  • Lower surface for the absorber and therefore lower cost of surface treatment.

The generated heat may also be stored accordingly to the application. Storage unit technology depends on fluid temperature and physical state (water/steam, diathermic oil, molten salt).

Linear Fresnel
Parabolic trough

Thermal energy can be used for different purposes, in particular:

  • Process steam for industrial use;
  • Hot water;
  • Solar cooling (solar air conditioning);
  • Refrigeration (low and very low temperatures);
  • Solar pool heating;
  • Achieving specific aims particular to the client.