Smart green power generation

Enercube uses innovative but established technologies for the generation of renewable energy and its integration with different systems, creating partial or fully off-the-grid solutions, whilst always applying the smart grid concept in each combination.

Enercube energy module is a tailor-made solution for a large variety of clients, as:

  • factories;
  • shopping centers;
  • large residential buildings;
  • municipalities.

The electronic control system, developed by Enercube and his partners, manages the plant according to the specific purpose.
The module is always customized according to local renewable sources available locally or specific needs of the customer, trying at the same time to keep the system simple and replicable.
The module is generally based on a renewable source with electricity storage  and backed up by a generator and/or the grid, although Enercube’s primary
goal is to make the client independent from the grid.

In absence of an interconnected grid, a smart grid solution can solve the problem of energy supply for distributed users, as isolated communities, or poor power grid conditions.
Big power sizes can be achieved by joining multiple modules