Waste to Energy

Enercube’s approach towards the waste disposal problem is based on the valorization of the waste, extracting all the energy from underutilized products, with the highly efficient generation of thermal/electrical energy and the production of valuable fuels.

Enercube strives to offer the best solution depending on the customer’s needs and priorities, integrating different technologies characterized by high technical and economic efficiency, modularity and environmental sustainability.

Our systems can also be used to face the reclamation of a landfill, that means:

  • making the landfill inert;
  • reducing the volume (up to 50%).


Main advantages:

  • Modularity (adaptable to market demand and flexible in size);
  • Feedstock flexibility without any pre-treatment;
  • Energetically independent;
  • Production of thermal/electric energy and products/by-products;
  • System integration of the best available custom-made technologies
  • Simplicity of process and equipment.